CMF Weekly: Online Education to Stay Connected With Learners

An exploration of the series' success and how it may be replicated

14 October 2020

CMF weekly was an online webinar series that ran from April 8th, 2020 until the end of June and proved to be engaging for CMF learners while also helping to expand AO NA’s reach. Topic suggestions were gathered through crowd sourcing, a new approach that was not a part of the AO practices playbook.  An invitation to contribute to the weekly series went out to all CMF faculty with a request to share their topics of interest and availability to deliver the content. 

Over 70 topics with three potential dates of availability from each faculty were gathered in about three weeks, a show of how hard our faculty was willing to work to provide education that addressed the needs of learners during the pandemic. A three-member taskforce was then appointed to review the topics and lead the coordination and delivery of these sessions. 

Each of the weekly sessions on average engaged over 200 participants, with some sessions registering over 700 attendees. The faculty who served as panelists did a great job of engaging learners and their peers on the panel by addressing real world issues and emphasizing pragmatic approaches to challenges and complications. 

Leadership and support from the AO CMF NA board and faculty were key to the success of this initiative. It was critical that our process was scalable and repeatable, and the AO NA staff working with CMF surgeons were able to quickly develop solutions to the everchanging list of demands. Important players in this process were the surgeons willing to serve as faculty, the technical support team who set up and administered the webinars, and the education staff who coordinated faculty tasks and promotional materials for learners.  

Each of the sessions served as a prototype for the rest of the synchronous live sessions that were offered by other clinical divisions, and our learners were impressed!  We will continue to create valuable experiences for our learners as we make the most out of our online platform, course development processes, and great teaching faculty.

Let’s give a huge shout out to the faculty who participated and the staff who coordinated their efforts!


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