2020 Spine Research Investigators

Congratulations to our five winners!

19 October 2020

AO Spine North America Research Committee has awarded five Young Investigators a one-year grant of up to $20,000 to help with their research. Their projects will be carried out during 2020/21 and the investigators will be invited to present their results at the 2021 Fellows Forum in Banff.

Congratulations to the winners—they certainly represent a significant contribution to the quality of research being performed in North America. For AO SNA, it is a pleasure to be able to invest in promising projects like these and to incentivize the members to actively take part in the scientific development of the region.

Mina Aziz (McGill University)
“Management of Metastatic Spinal Tumours Using Functional Implants for Local Drug Delivery”

John Berry-Candelario (Harvard Medical School)
“Healthcare Disparities in Spine: The Influence of Racial/Ethnic/Immigrant Populations and At-Risk Populations in Elective Spine Surgery and an Exploration of their Social Determinants”

Raphaele Charest-Morin (University of British Columbia)
“Denosumab for Giant Cell Tumors of the Spine: Molecular Predictors of Clinical Response”

Matthew Goodwin (Washington University)
“The Role of Lactate in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration”

Jeffrey Mullin (University at Buffalo)
“Biomechanically Equivalent 3D Cervical Spine for Improved Planning and Safety of Subaxial Pedicle Screw Placement”

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