AO Trauma NA Launches First Ever Blended Basics Principles Course

New format will prove useful for the future of AO NA education

19 October 2020

164 residents and over 40 AO NA faculty joined the first ever blended basics principles course offered by AO Trauma NA on September 24, 2020. The course was developed and delivered in response to the need created by the COVID pandemic and now after 4 weeks is evolving to be a successful prototype that future blended offerings can be built from.

The year 2021 will provide opportunities for learners to participate in the face to face portion of this blended course which starts with eight weeks of online activities. Recorded lectures to be completed as self-study materials are delivered a week prior to the synchronous live sessions with experts. These synchronous sessions focus on the application of AO principles of fracture management using case scenarios in a small group discussion format.

Learner engagement is promoted through effective facilitation techniques. Moderated discussions promote interactions through Zoom chat and Q & A. Formative assessments measure knowledge gained from the self-study materials that the learners review and provides insights into the level of understanding of the principles. Additional AO technique videos and other supplemental resources are available to the learners along with the recorded lecture videos. On average, 157 residents attended four weeks of synchronous sessions and completed the self-study requirements.

In response to COVID, AO North America pivoted early in April to online learning. Though online learning events needed to be organized in a short time, AO NA faculty’s commitment to quality education led to the design and development of a course that delivers value to its learners.

A heartfelt thank you to Drs. Chad Coles, Gillian Soles and Paul Gladden who as co-chairs of the course contributed several hours of their time and effort and to all other AO Trauma NA faculty assigned to the course. 


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