First AO VET NA Community Newsletter Launched

Help us name it and win a $100 gift certificate!

19 October 2020

Exciting news: AO VET North America publishes its first newsletter soon! 

This newsletter is specially designed to keep you up-to-date on the activities and the future direction of AO VET North America by covering hot topics in education, research, preceptorship and community development. The newsletter will be published biannually (October and April) and will include information about the organization, committee updates, special feature articles, important dates, events and opportunities for involvement. 

We know how enthusiastic the AO VET community is and this is your opportunity to make your mark on our newsletter!  Help us shape our future by entering our contest to name the newsletter. AO VET News? AO VET Journal? There must be some more dynamic names out there! Email your suggestions to Andrea McClimon at by Tuesday, December 1st.  As well as gaining the kudos for naming this newsletter, the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate!  We look forward to your suggestions and the new title will go into effect with Issue #2.

We hope the newsletter will keep us that much more connected and serve as a tool for new members to understand the structure of our organization and the direction we are going. We hope you enjoy it!!

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